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Re: User Guide status?

<quote who="Matthew Daniels">

> I say +1 on straight to XML.  Despite the fact that it will have a
> slightly larger learning curve than editing on the wiki, I would love
> to get rid of the conversion process and make sure everything is nice
> right on the XML document.  I think that'll be much cleaner in
> general, especially since everyone will have to be looking at the
> final document (as opposed to everyone writing on the wiki and then a
> specialized conversion team generating the final copy).  I'll have to
> learn just as much (and probably more) than a lot of us to do it this
> way, but I think it's worth it.  Plus, it could get newer team members
> familiar with git and XML so they can help on other docs.

I agree with going to straight XML.  One of the "gotcha's" that I found
with extracting the data from the WIKI is that it does not extract
warnings, cautions and notes.  As such it required manual intervention.

I am not sure if anyone is willing to move away from the WIKI but Drupal
has a module that allows native XML and rendering via a stylesheet.  I
am using it with a modified version of Docbook and XSLT.  It works great.


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