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Re: User Guide status?

On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 2:47 PM, Matthew Daniels <danielsmw gmail com> wrote:
I agree with going to straight XML.  One of the "gotcha's" that I found
with extracting the data from the WIKI is that it does not extract
warnings, cautions and notes.  As such it required manual intervention.

I am not sure if anyone is willing to move away from the WIKI but Drupal
has a module that allows native XML and rendering via a stylesheet.  I
am using it with a modified version of Docbook and XSLT.  It works great.


Weren't we looking at moving to a new CMS anyway?  That definitely sounds like something to look into.

Hopefully the CMS solution can allow a compromise. 
I can work with straight XML and for most docs that is a good plan.

I think that for a UG though, we can get a lot more feedback if it stays in a wiki.
Remember that the people using the UG are less likely to be experienced or even interested in CLI but many already know how to edit in a wiki.  We need the people who use the document to be willing to fix the document.  Even if they never contribute to other documents.

Once we get to Install guides, deployment guides, security guides and other such stuff, then submitting bugs and editing xml are more reasonable expectations.


- Matthew

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