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Re: User Guide status?

On Jan 6, 2009, at 3:05 PM, susan_lists ties org wrote:
Hopefully the CMS solution can allow a compromise.
I can work with straight XML and for most docs that is a good plan.

I think the CMS would work out very well. As for staying with/leaving the wiki, I'm kinda in the middle, but I'm still leaning towards leaving it. You make some good points, but I'm not sure if the small advantages we get can weigh up against the advantages of editing right in XML.

I think that for a UG though, we can get a lot more feedback if it stays in a wiki. Remember that the people using the UG are less likely to be experienced or even interested in CLI but many already know how to edit in a wiki. We need the people who use the document to be willing to fix the document. Even if they never contribute to other documents.

The issue here is that the UG is (as it stands, at least) geared toward new users who really haven't used Linux much if at all before. They probably - with some exceptions - aren't members of the open source community, and probably don't have an FAS account. And without an FAS account, you can't edit the wiki. =)

Although we've been running this in a wiki, I don't think we've actually ever made it work like the traditional wiki. We don't really point new Fedora users to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User_Guide, because that's usually where we work on it; we publish it to XML. I'm fairly confident when I say that virtually nobody except us edits the User Guide, with exceptions few and far between.

- Matthew

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