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Re: User Guide status?

<quote who="David Nalley">
>> I am not sure if anyone is willing to move away from the WIKI but Drupal
>> has a module that allows native XML and rendering via a stylesheet.  I
>> am using it with a modified version of Docbook and XSLT.  It works
>> great.
>> Betty
> I don't mean to hijack this thread - but we'd really be interested in
> talking with you about Drupal as a CMS in general and the DocBook
> module specifically.
> Any chance you are coming to FUDcon?
> (If transportation is an issue we can probably take care of that if
> you are relatively close to I-95 - there is the East Coast Road Trip
> that has a spot open. (despite what the wiki says)
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon/FUDConF11#East_Coast_Road_Trip_--_CONFIRMED.21

Humm - I hadn't thought about coming to FUDcon but I could possibly
drive up.  I am on the I 95 corridor between Washington and Baltimore
but I am on-site on Friday so couldn't leave until the evening. If I
can find babysitting for the boys (dogs) I will try to make it.


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harvey eccnet com                    | Washington,DC SGML/XML Users Grp
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