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Re: Self Introduction

Welcome to the project Andrew!

Seems you have quite some experience in the documentation area, looking
forward to seeing you around! :-)

Best regards,
Magnus 'magnusg' Glantz
E-mail: mg -at- hacka -dot- net
GPG Key: 0DB53317


tis 2009-01-13 klockan 12:00 -0500 skrev fedora-docs-list-request redhat com:

> Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 11:08:29 +1000
> From: Andrew Ross <anross redhat com>
> Subject: Self Introduction
> To: Fedora Docs-List <fedora-docs-list redhat com>
> Message-ID: <496BE98D 2030406 redhat com>
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"
> Hi Everyone,
> Name: Andrew Ross
> Location: Brisbane, Australia
> Profession: Quality Engineer
> Company: Red Hat
> I am currently employed at Red Hat, working in QE. I write documentation 
> for internal projects and review documentation from Engineering Content 
> Services.
> Goals: I would like to help out, where I can, with documentation for 
> Fedora. Whether this becomes a QA type of role, or a content author role 
> is up for debate :P
> * What other projects or writing have you worked on in the past?*
>  * I am writing SRS's and user docs for internal Red Hat QE projects as 
> well as reviewing docs for external use.
> * Prior to this role, I was a high school teacher, and the designated 
> driver for all things computer at my school. This involved documentation 
> for "technologically challenged" staff that ranged from email access to 
> report card writing. The school was a pilot for the new intranet based 
> reporting system, OneSchoo, and I was implementation leader. (a 
> euphemism for SLAVE).
> * In 2005 I was volunteered to be the editor (and only contributor) for 
> the Queensland Association of Maths Teachers (QAMT) newsletter. However, 
> in May of 2006 my first child was born and I did not have the time to 
> continue in that role.
> *In 2001 I worked for Computer Science Corp (CSC) in Sydney on a 
> helicopter flight sim project - although that was mainly coding, there 
> was also some doc editing.
> * What level and type of computer skills do you have?*
> Lol an easy one.
> * I have a B.Science with a comp science major.
> * I am sitting for my RHCT in early February (providing the course is 
> not canceled).
> * I get easily excited by technology, and I can be a bit OCD when it 
> comes to getting things working.... which is probably why I am a good 
> person for QE.
> * What other skills do you have that might be applicable? User interface 
> design, other so-called soft skills (people skills), programming, etc.*
> * I am writing documentation using DocBook for internal processes.
> *I have worked for 4 years as a high school teacher, so my people skills 
> are good. (aka thick skinned)
> *I can talk to anyone (and often do)...
> * I did the programming major at uni, mainly Java, with some C++ and C. 
> Although I will never forget the one semester of Cobol.
> * I programmed commercially in Ada for CSC.
> * In my current role, I will soon be reviewing JBoss docco's, so I am 
> brushing up on Java :)
> *
> What makes you an excellent match for the project?*
> * My RH role is documentation validation and writing - so it should be 
> an easy transition from RH docs, to Fedora docs :)
> * I am good at explaining things to different end users
> * I enjoy "fact checking", that is, ensuring that the steps listed in a 
> publication produce the desired (claimed) results.
> *GPG Details*
> [anross mithrandir ~]$gpg --fingerprint CF53DC64
> pub   1024D/CF53DC64 2009-01-13 [expires: 2010-01-13]
>       Key fingerprint = E2C2 5C4F 0DAD C8F0 78EA  638C 3F8D E60A CF53 DC64
> uid                  Andrew Ross (Fedora Key) <anross redhat com>
> sub   2048g/3677BA18 2009-01-13 [expires: 2010-01-13]
> Aside:  I loved my hostname until yesterday when I re-read my sys-admins 
> hostname... margrathea...  and the light finally clicked :)
> That's about all from me for the time being.
> Regards,
> Andrew
> -- 
> Andrew Ross
> Associate Quality Engineer
> Red Hat Asia Pacific
> Phone: 3514 8331
> E-mail: anross redhat com
> GPG-KeyID 0xCF53DC64 
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