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Re: Fedora 12 needs a BOLD name : "Monolith!" and other matters

On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 03:03:38PM -0500, Mark McLaughlin wrote:
> I didn't like any of the codenames for Fedora 11 but for Fedora 12, I want
> to put in the name "Monolith" to honor Arthur C Clarke and Stanley Kubrick!
>  They among others inspired me to write and think of bold ideas.  

I often missing the initial name idea generation, but it happens
mainly on fedora-devel-list.  This pattern of picking the name on the
tail of the previous release is going to continue.  For example, the
Design team is doing their artwork theme based on the name, so they
need it as early as possible.  Keep your eyes open after F11 ships ...

> As far as
> a User Manual for F-11, I hope the final result will be in PDF format.  I
> often write rough drafts of things in RTF or DOC format then put out a final
> copy in PDF.  If any help is needed for structuring F-11 User Manual or
> Start Up, let me know...

PDF should be no problem, since we are using Publican.  Take a look at
the User Guide tasks, currently finishing the F9 version:


Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Community Gardener

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