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Re: Contact for managing Fedora documentation?

Karsten Wade wrote:
On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 11:13:18AM +1000, David O'Brien wrote:
Who's the best person to talk to about managing Fedora doc? Especially things like:
- how the community contributes
- reviewing community contributions
- sharing doc between Fedora and RHEL
- location/use of repos

I've been having a look over the fedoraproject.org site, but still have some questions.

Ask away; this is the Fedora Docs mailing list, couldn't be a better
place to ask. :)

Much of this may be on the wiki, but until we get our pages renamed
and categorized, it's nearly impossible to find.

- Karsten
I'm working on a project that currently produces a community version and an Enterprise version of both the software and the documentation. The community version of the documentation is written and maintained on a wiki, and the Enterprise doc using DocBook xml. Being the only writer on the project means the community version of the doc is always out of date (I focus on Enterprise doc). This is a new project and community engagement is still developing. Maintaining both versions of the doc to keep up with the software is not possible for a single writer, and quite frankly not desirable. I'm researching how I might develop all of the doc in a single language (DocBook xml) and deliver it to both destinations using publican.

I found a bunch of info on the website about community contributions and the use of WikiText, OOo, plain text, etc., if they weren't comfortable with the idea of using xml. I'm looking into whether supporting contributions in a wide range of formats is feasible.

I didn't determine from what I read at what point contributions are reviewed. (I didn't read the whole site, of course, just looked for the important bits.) Are reviews performed on WikiText, converted DocBook, elsewhere? How do you determine who can review and approve docs? How do you manage docs that have been submitted, converted, and published? Are edits/updates performed in WikiText and reconverted?

What degree of sharing occurs between Fedora and RHEL documentation (if any)? How is this handled?

I found info on the cvs repo that's used.

As I read and learn more I might have more or different questions, or answer some of my own :)

thanks a lot.


David O'Brien
IPA Content Author
Red Hat Asia Pacific

"We couldn't care less about comfort. We make you feel good."
Federico Minoli CEO Ducati Motor S.p.A.

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