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leadership (re)fresh

It's long past the time for me to step back from being the
leader/chair for the Docs Project.  Time to give some other
enthusiastic people a chance to steer this ship.  I am still going to
be a Docs Project contributor, offering my emeritus leader opinions
from the sidelines.

It is a basic element of the Fedora Way that we rotate leadership
around, or otherwise do what we can to give more people a chance to be
in charge.  It also avoids burnout in people too long in one

Here is a status on leadership within this sub-project, and some

== Leadership status ==

I've been leading this sub-project for 3+ years, first by succession,
then by fiat, then by election as Chair of the steering committee.

Last year+ we started to have an election for the Fedora Documentation
Steering Committee (FDSCo) but didn't have enough people to really
make an election.  Elected steering/leadership is a requirement[1] to be
a Fedora sub-project.

The existing steering committee decided to suspend the elections
process in favor of a looser organization.  We remembered that most
people who came to the original steering committee felt empowered to
take charge, and feared that a stale FDSCo would discourage new

At the present time, we need to recreate that leadership structure.
One reason is to continue as a representative sub-project with clearly
recognized leadership.  Then a new leader for Docs can arise to bring
fresh passion and ideas to the role.

== Questions ==

* Elections are a requirement of being a sub-project.  Special
  interest groups (SIGs) can self-organize as they see fit.  It is a
  bit unclear what the reason is to choose one over the other.

  * Do we want to return to elections and maintain our sub-project

  * Do we prefer a looser SIG structure?  If yes, how do we populate
    and recognize leadership in this group?

* What is the size and shape of a leadership team?

* Is there any other form that Docs could or should take that might
  work better, differently, etc.?

Thanks for your time in considering this important stuff.

== References ==

[1] https://https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Defining_projects



- Karsten
Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Community Gardener

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