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Re: Docs Leadership: How to get there from here.

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To kick off the discussions...

Eric Christensen wrote:
> The three questions are:
> 1) Do we want to hold elections or just have someone appointed by our
> current leadership to take the reigns.
I think elections are important but I also trust our current leadership
to make the decision.

> 2) Do we want a Steering Committee or Single Leader with Lieutenants to
> direct this project (basically a single leader with help)?
We are not a large project so I don't feel a committee is necessary.  I
also don't think a single person can be everything, and everywhere, all
the time.  A single person with "lieutenants" to help manage portions of
the project would be the best.  There would be a single person to point
to as having responsibility for the project but decisions and direction
could be gathered from a couple of people that can keep the momentum up.

> 3) And the biggest question is do we want the Docs Project to remain a
> sub-project of Fedora or do we want to move to being a Special Interest
> Group (SIG)?
I feel that the Docs Project should remain just that, a sub-project.  If
only by definition, I feel that SIGs are optional while projects are a
requirement or a need.  If only to generate the Release Notes, I feel
that the Docs Project is a need for Fedora.  Of course we do more than
the Release Notes so that bolsters my feeling that we are an essential
part of the Fedora Project.

Just my two cents worth.

Eric Christensen
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