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Re: Docs Leadership: How to get there from here.

Eric Christensen wrote:
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In today's meeting[1] we discussed new leadership in the Docs Project.
There was a mixed discussion about what kind of leadership we needed and
how to get them and the future of the Docs Project.  At the end of the
discussion Karsten left us with three questions that I'm now passing
along to the list.  Let's hear some ideas on this, please.

The three questions are:
1) Do we want to hold elections or just have someone appointed by our
current leadership to take the reigns.
Elections are good but it should also be based off merit. We need a doer, a mover in the current community. Someone who makes lots of edits or submits lots of new content.
2) Do we want a Steering Committee or Single Leader with Lieutenants to
direct this project (basically a single leader with help)?
The project is small enough for one(1) leader. Anything more is a layer of bureaucracy that will slow us down. If it seems like too much of a task to manage 20 odd casual writers you need to redefine your concept of management.
3) And the biggest question is do we want the Docs Project to remain a
sub-project of Fedora or do we want to move to being a Special Interest
Group (SIG)?

Stay a project.


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