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Re: Docs Leadership: How to get there from here.

On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 06:18:55PM -0500, Eric Christensen wrote:
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> To kick off the discussions...
> Eric Christensen wrote:
> > The three questions are:
> > 1) Do we want to hold elections or just have someone appointed by our
> > current leadership to take the reigns.
> I think elections are important but I also trust our current leadership
> to make the decision.
> > 2) Do we want a Steering Committee or Single Leader with Lieutenants to
> > direct this project (basically a single leader with help)?
> We are not a large project so I don't feel a committee is necessary.  I
> also don't think a single person can be everything, and everywhere, all
> the time.  A single person with "lieutenants" to help manage portions of
> the project would be the best.  There would be a single person to point
> to as having responsibility for the project but decisions and direction
> could be gathered from a couple of people that can keep the momentum up.
> > 3) And the biggest question is do we want the Docs Project to remain a
> > sub-project of Fedora or do we want to move to being a Special Interest
> > Group (SIG)?
> I feel that the Docs Project should remain just that, a sub-project.  If
> only by definition, I feel that SIGs are optional while projects are a
> requirement or a need.  If only to generate the Release Notes, I feel
> that the Docs Project is a need for Fedora.  Of course we do more than
> the Release Notes so that bolsters my feeling that we are an essential
> part of the Fedora Project.
> Just my two cents worth.

I agree with Eric.

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