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RE: Zikula Running docs.fedoraproject.org

> * Integration with Fedora Account System for single sign on
>   capabilities.  At the very least, we want to start with using the
>   FAS for authentication.

Easy to do, this is supported already in Zikula 1.  We can authenticate
against any external service (we already have an implementation for OpenID,
and a couple for university authentication systems in various places).

> * Any possibility in the future of a SCM <-> DocBook <-> XHTML content
>   conduit?  That way people could write the content in wiki style,
>   have it translated into rough DocBook and stored in an SCM
>   elsewhere, and an editor in between could re-tag things as needed.
>   This is a bit of pie-in-the-sky; the important thing right now is to
>   have a workflow that allows for easier and more scalable publishing
>   and translating efforts.

Writing a module for Zikula is pretty simple for a competent PHP developer,
so while nothing that we have at the moment would do this it could probably
be written by someone according to a spec.  We have several modules
supporting content with revisions control, and our next release will use
gettext for translation of the interface components.

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