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Self Introduction

My name is Zach Oglesby, and I have been using various distro since around 2001. I have never really contributed to any distribution but I ran a website for teenage Linux users from 2002-2006, with weekly reviews and news updates. I also recently joined the ambassadors group but I currently live in Spain and do not speak the Spanish so it makes it hard for me to do much outside of my work.

I am a decent programmer but lack skills when it comes to GUI's. Online I am a people person (very different in person), and am willing to work with anyone on whatever needs to be done.

The docs project is a good fit for me because free software is the most important achievement of the computer age, and good documentation makes great software even better.

GPG Key - 1378F79F
Fingerprint - 9639 6A0C 55BE 7020 9D93  E4E2 22AE 2F5C 1378 F79F

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