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My name is Oleg, I'm from Russia.

I'm the leader of small group of russian web programmers, so I'm
specializing in Java, C++, PHP and other common languages and
Also can draw 2D art using Photoshop or Gimp (depending on os and
platform) and create pretty looking web pages.

I can not speak and write in English because I have no practice in it.
But I understand this language and can read and translate technical
documentation very well. It's because I read docs such as MSDN or unix
mans all my life.

I want to translate english docs to russian, and help russian people
to understand using of Fedora as a desktop OS.
Btw, I just joined to Russian Fedora community (http://russianfedora.ru).

Oleg Chiruhin,
Russia, Novosibirsk region, Novosibirsk.

GPG: F8334007
Fingerprint: CBDC 4DF8 CCFD E5BA D543  EF3B A1E9 6090 F833 4007

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