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Re: Self-Introduction

On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 10:46:40PM +0600, Hedin wrote:
> My name is Oleg, I'm from Russia.
> I'm the leader of small group of russian web programmers, so I'm
> specializing in Java, C++, PHP and other common languages and
> technologies.
> Also can draw 2D art using Photoshop or Gimp (depending on os and
> platform) and create pretty looking web pages.
> I can not speak and write in English because I have no practice in it.
> But I understand this language and can read and translate technical
> documentation very well. It's because I read docs such as MSDN or unix
> mans all my life.
> I want to translate english docs to russian, and help russian people
> to understand using of Fedora as a desktop OS.
> Btw, I just joined to Russian Fedora community (http://russianfedora.ru).

Oleg, you might be interested also in joining our Fedora L10n
(Translation) team.  Their list is found here:


They specialize in translating documentation and software into many
lanugages including (of course!) Russian.

Paul W. Frields                                http://paul.frields.org/
  gpg fingerprint: 3DA6 A0AC 6D58 FEC4 0233  5906 ACDB C937 BD11 3717
  http://redhat.com/   -  -  -  -   http://pfrields.fedorapeople.org/
  irc.freenode.net: stickster @ #fedora-docs, #fedora-devel, #fredlug

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