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Re: Alpha Release Readiness

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I can handle this if you like.

- -Eric

John Poelstra wrote:
> With the Alpha Release for Fedora 11 scheduled for Tuesday, February 3,
> 2009, this means it is time to meet again with representatives from each
> of the teams to have our release readiness meeting.  We usually have
> this meeting at 18:00 UTC (13:00 EST) the Wednesday before, which means
> next Wednesday, January 28, 2009, is the day.
> On Monday, January 26, 2009, I will be sending out the dial-in
> information and a meeting reminder to all the attendees.
> In the meantime I need to know who will be representing your group at
> these meetings for the Fedora 11 meetings.  Usually this is the
> designated team leader, but I wanted to ask to make sure you coordinate
> within your team to make sure someone comes.  When responding to this
> list, please CC me so that I am sure to see the reply.
> This message is going out to the respective mailings lists for these
> groups:
> Ambassadors
> Artwork/Design
> Documentation
> Infrastructure
> Marketing
> Quality
> Release Engineering
> Translation
> Websites
> Thanks,
> John
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