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Re: CMS Option: Zikula

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Paul W. Frields wrote:
> I think we should also be considering the other major players in the
> CMS game, if there are people available to deploy and maintain them.
> Drupal and Joomla! immediately come to mind, the latter especially
> because it actually has some DocBook XML support.  Features aren't
> particularly compelling, though, if we have no one around to help with
> the maintenance.
> None of this has any bearing on the quality of Zikula, which I'm sure
> is excellent.
I completely agree.  Herlo talked to someone about WordPress earlier
this afternoon (review should be coming later the weekend).  The more
information we have about the choices out there means we'll be better
prepared to make decision.

If anyone knows someone with these other CMSs it would be good to talk
with them and ask them the questions.

Eric Christensen

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