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Re: CMS Option: Zikula


> I think we should also be considering the other major players in the
> CMS game, if there are people available to deploy and maintain them.
> Drupal and Joomla! immediately come to mind, the latter especially
> because it actually has some DocBook XML support.  Features aren't
> particularly compelling, though, if we have no one around to help with
> the maintenance.

+1 to your statement regarding maintenance. There are too many choices
for CMS under three major platforms PHP, Python, JAVA, Ruby on rails
etc., Enlisting some here that I have supported/ maintained:

1. JAVA based

Apache Jackrabbit, Liferay

2. Python based

Plone, Django framework

3. PHP based

Mediawiki, Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla

As Paul mentions, each of these CMS come with their own "features"/
"necessity for extension" which of course is based on what we need as
a group as in, how to:

- structure content - can be viewed from maintenance (or) usability perspective
- involve volunteers
- customize the framework
- maintain
- volunteer base and their associated knowledge of choice of platform
- localization concerns

Am still catching up on all IRC logs/ email archives so some of the
listed were perhaps already reviewed and addressed :)

> None of this has any bearing on the quality of Zikula, which I'm sure
> is excellent.

Zikula looks cool indeed.

Gayathri Swaminathan
gpgkey: 3EFB3D39
Volunteer, FDP

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