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Re: What is the purpose of a Docs CMS?

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Jared Smith <jaredsmith jaredsmith net> wrote:

> 1)  Revision control.  One of the things we'd like this CMS to do is to
> provide revision control.  So far, as I haven't seen a CMS that handles
> revision control nearly as cleanly as either the wiki or using an SCM
> system such as Subversion or git.

A revision control system with Web interface like Mercurial can be
integrated into most CMS and to different levels.

> 2)  Document creation and editing.  Ideally, we'd have a wysiwyg editing
> tool in the CMS that would output perfectly valid DocBook.  I don't see
> this happening any time soon.  This means that whatever we create inside
> the CMS doesn't lend itself well to repurposing or to easy translation.

Full WYSIWG for Docbook is not really needed. We should have different
tools that can deliver at least
some level of automatic docbook xml. Docbook is indispensable for a
project of this type.

Can't VEX or LYX be adapted for the job?


A. Mani


A. Mani
Member, Cal. Math. Soc

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