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CMS choice - Zikula is the new Fedora CMS

Now that I have your attention:

So we walked away from FUDcon with a couple of plans.

Plan A: was to put a call out and see if we could get a group of
people interested from a project willing to take on some of the

We had a number of other plans but let's forget them for a moment, but
we circulated a call to several lists - and we received essentially a
single response from Zikula
Moreover the offering appears to meet the requirements that we stated.

Which brings me to the question - why are we languishing when it comes
to making this decision? We even regressed and talked about if/why we
need a CMS (and I am one of the guilty parties here)

This is plan A essentially fulfilled - I suggest we start making
preparations to move forward and I've already committed to work
getting Zikula packaged.

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