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RE: CMS choice - Zikula is the new Fedora CMS


> If Zikula (or another CMS) already have provisions for this, then I'm
> happy to move forward.  But based on the discussions both here on the
> list and in the IRC channel, I don't feel my questions have been
> adequately addressed.

If I could direct you to
dex.html - that is some docbook documentation for PostNuke (the predecessor
to Zikula) written by myself in 2005.  It's the HTML many-page format, and
it's simply uploaded straight to the web.  The Static Docs module handles
URL rewriting, and pulls it into the CMS as you'd expect if you'd imported
each HTML page by hand.  You can either force the document to conform to the
website's styles (i.e strip all the inherent style information) or
alternatively use styling provided by the document itself.  Hopefully, that
answers your question regarding the docbook toolchain.

I'm happy to expand further and even get a sample of the Fedora docs up
there if you feel it would help.


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