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Re: fresh leader

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Thank you, Karsten, for thinking I have what it takes to lead this most
excellent group.  Now I guess we'll see if I actually do!

I know I'll be asking not only Karsten and Paul for assistance but also
every member of this project.  We have some work ahead of us that needs
our attention:

* Release notes[1]
* New CMS to bring up and provide training/documentation for the rest of
* The many guides that are in progress
* The wiki gardening
* Various projects on the task table[2]

Of the above projects I'm asking Ryan Lerch (ryanlerch) and John
McDonough (jjmcd) to head up the Release Notes and Ian Weller
(ianweller) to continue his leadership of the wiki.

Thanks for everyone's hard work.

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Documentation_Beats

Eric Christensen
Fedora Docs Project

Fedora Talk: 5102043                  Phone: 919-424-0063 x 5102043
E-Mail/SIP Address: sparks fedoraproject org
IRC: Sparks on freenode.net

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Karsten Wade wrote:
> Thanks all for your thoughtful responses about leadership for this
> project.
> From that discussion I saw a reasonable consensus that was both good
> and fair.  We just approved that consensus in the Docs meeting.
> For the remainder of Fedora 11 release, I'm asking Eric Christensen
> (Sparks) to step up as leader for the Fedora Documentation Project.
> In essence, I am appointing him as a replacement, with the full
> approval of all the people who usually show up to meetings and
> discuss/approve stuff.
> After Fedora 11 releases, we'll have a general election in this
> project.  We can decide between now and then exactly what we are doing
> -- electing one person, a council, for how long are the terms, etc.
> Anyone who doesn't care about this stuff can just ignore those
> threads. (Seriously.)
> Rotating leadership more frequently is a good idea for this project.
> We can give more of you a chance to get the experience and shape Docs
> with your enthusiasm.
> IMO, we've never had a stronger and more passionate group of
> contributors in Docs.  This is a perfect time for new leadership to
> emerge and take over.  So many are capable and interested in making
> this project better and more successful.
> As I said before, I'm not going anywhere; I'm just doing what is long
> overdue so I can be more productive as a Docs contributor and this
> project can improve through the art of change. :)
> - Karsten
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