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Rampoing up for F11

Eric, this is really directed at you and Ryan, but I thought the response might be worthwhile for other beat writers.

I suspect it is past time to start clearing out the F10 release notes from the wiki and ramping up for F11. But there are some questions that occur:

1) First, obviously, it is really time?

2) Paul mentioned an update release of F10 Release Notes. Should we be planning that? Did it sneak by me? Are we going to pass on it this time?

3) In some places (especially Devel Tools) we had lots of transclusions which gave Paul all kind of fits. For F11, many of those fragments don't even look like they will be needed. As we flatten the files, should we just rename the old entries to, for example, Archive:Docs/Beats/Devel/Tools/Emacs

4) I gather alpha RNs are really only major, major changes. I see few/none of those on my beats, BUT, there are some changes that are a really big deal to those affected. How should we make those calls?

Hey, nobody said it would be easy.


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