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Re: Fedora 11 Schedules

Noriko Mizumoto said the following on 01/27/2009 09:47 PM Pacific Time:
John Poelstra さんは書きました:
I have complete a draft of the translation schedule for Fedora 11. It is based on the documentation schedule (which to date I have not received any feedback).



A new report I am still ironing out (huge credit goes to Ben Kahn for creating it for me) is a combined view of the Docs and Translations schedule with different color codings for each team. http://poelstra.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-11/f-11-docs-and-trans-tasks.html


Wow! I am so impressed with this great work!!
Thank you so much.

You are welcome! Your detailed review was exactly what I was hoping for. After spending so much time looking at all the different views of the schedule it is easy to miss things.

Just a couple of points noticed below.
The task numbers are based on "Fedora 11 Translation Tasks".

- #11 Translate Draft POT for Guides => typo of Translate Draft POs for Guides

- #17 Trans Deadline: rel-notes => pls change to Trans Deadline: **GA rel-notes

- #n/a there is no task item for IG which can be found at Docs Team Tasks #37?

IG (install guide) is included now as part of "All Guides".  For Fedora 11
the docs team (Karsten @ FUDCon) told me they are planning on releasing the Install Guide and Security Guide. There could be others too so they preferred to just call it generically "All Guides".

- #3 Software String Freeze & #8 Rebuild all translated packages => those items can not be found in Releng Team Tasks. Those need to be included in Releng Team Tasks to let maintainers be aware important dates for their packages.

You raise a good point here. What we probably need is a schedule view just for package maintainers and developers. I will create this by next Monday or sooner if I have time. Look for it in the navigation bar at the top of any of the reports.

- #19 Translate Final Release Banners => this item can not be found in Web Team Tasks. Web Team is responsible to pass the file to be translated. - #n/a Trans Deadline: Final Release Banners => which should be 22-May, please add in Translation Tasks - #20 Review and correct fedoraproject.org translations => what kind of action is expected by whom?

Excellent catches! I confess to having a very basic understanding of the whole l10n process particularly as it relates to artwork and banners... is it correct to assume it follows the same POT->PO process? Following that assumption I added more tasks for the web team. Please tell me if I've got it right or correct me :)

Re: "Review and correct fedoraproject.org translations"... I have no idea. This was a carry-over from Fedora 10. Can anyone else tell us what this task should be?


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