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Re: Preparing for F11 Release Notes

On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 07:27:27AM -0500, John J. McDonough wrote:
> In going through the wiki removing hash marks, I noticed that there are a  
> number of places where there is content that we want to keep for F11, so I 
> guess we probably don't want to be too reckless in the pre-F11 cleanup.
> On the other hand, I was reminded while doing that is that one reason that 
> we may want to issue an F10 update is that some F9 content, which was  
> inappropriate for F10, made it into the F10 release notes.  So we 
> definitely want to be a little more thorough in our scrubbing.

When scrubbing in the past, I tended to look at the page history for
each beat to see when the last update was made.  If it was made before
the GA release notes push, I knew the beat contained nothing new.  If
there was something new, I'd try and retain that piece, which I'd
locate using the diff function on the wiki history page.

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