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Introducing Myself



Having just requested access to the sysadmin and sysadmin-test groups on FAS and on the advice of David Nalley I thought I should introduce myself.  I have been working with the docs team over the last week on the possibility of running the Zikula Application Framework as the CMS behind docs.fedoraproject.org.  I am a member of the board of the Zikula Software Foundation and the Zikula Steering Committee, and I have been acting as the lead in discussions about how to best address the needs of the docs project on their website, and the needs of the Fedora project at large.


My name is Simon Birtwistle, and I’m currently located in Cambridge in the UK.  I am in the final year of studying for a degree in Computer Science at Cambridge University, and providing all goes well I’ll be graduating in June.  I’ve used Fedora on and off for years and years, though despite thinking about it I never got around to contributing.  Most of my time is taken up with the Zikula project, where my work with the Steering Committee involves project management and day to day organisation, but I’m hoping that I can combine my work there with useful work on the Fedora websites where it’s helpful.


Skills wise, I am mainly a web developer, as you’d expect, with a good knowledge of PHP and MySQL.  I also have experience with Java as well as C# .NET and some other less well known languages from my degree course.  I have also used Docbook in the past for Zikula project documentation, so I at least have a vague idea where the docs project are coming from.


I’m hoping that I, and Zikula as a project, will be able to provide a big boost to the docs project’s publishing workflow.






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