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Introduction Teb (Zikula / Documentation project)

Hi all,

I have just subscribed to both the fedora-infrastructure-list and the fedora-docs-list to keep you (and myself) updated about the documentation project.

My name is Arjen Tebbenhof, 32 years old and currently employed at AMB-IT / ChampionChip in the Netherlands as a (web) software engineer. In this function, I maintain a backend-portal for our clients, and I am responsible for planning and implementation in this specific field (using PHP and an Oracle DBMS). Before this, I owned a company specialized in delivering CMS solutions, but that never really got lucrative enough to make a living :) I have a Bachelors Degree in Econometrics and Operations Research, at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

I am the current maintainer of the packaging environment for the Zikula Application Framework for the last year or so. Besides that, I am the team leader of the Dutch Zikula Community for the last five years, and maintain all dutch translations for the project. I never really contributed any code to the project, but behaved more as a sidekick between developers and the users, mainly providing support. I have basic knowledge of *nix systems, but have better specialties in PHP OOP, Databases, CVS/SVN repositories and packaging.

For the Documentation Project, I will assist Simon and the rest of the newly involved list members with the new Fedora Docs portal. And therefore have applied to the sysadmin and sysadmin-test groups.

Arjen (aka Teb)

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