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Re: Introduction Teb (Zikula / Documentation project)

Teb (Zikula NL) wrote:
> Hi all,
Hi Teb!

> I have just subscribed to both the fedora-infrastructure-list and the
> fedora-docs-list to keep you (and myself) updated about the
> documentation project.

> I am the current maintainer of the packaging environment for the Zikula
> Application Framework for the last year or so. Besides that, I am the
> team leader of the Dutch Zikula Community for the last five years, and
> maintain all dutch translations for the project. I never really
> contributed any code to the project, but behaved more as a sidekick
> between developers and the users, mainly providing support. I have basic
> knowledge of *nix systems, but have better specialties in PHP OOP,
> Databases, CVS/SVN repositories and packaging.
> For the Documentation Project, I will assist Simon and the rest of the
> newly involved list members with the new Fedora Docs portal. And
> therefore have applied to the sysadmin and sysadmin-test groups.

I've sponsored you into both groups.  Welcome to the Infrastructure
team!  I'll give you the same spiel I gave to Simon earlier.

I'm abadger1999 on irc.freenode.net if you need any help.  Since I've
been working with docs in my Packaging Committee role, it seems natural
to work with you guys for the infrastructure/docs needs.

The infrastructure team tends to talk a lot in #fedora-admin, keeping
each other up to date on happenings, socialising, etc.  We also have
weekly meetings in #fedora-meeting on Thursday at 20:00 UTC where we
summarise the weeks goings on and identify things we need to work on
more.  Simon is going to be at this week's meeting so we can get a feel
for what Zikula needs, what we have to give, and how we want to run it
in production.  You're welcome to stop by too if the meeting time works
for you.  Otherwise, stop on by #fedora-admin anytime.  You're a part of
the team now so welcome aboard.


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