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This is a heads up email for the plan to begin testing Publican 1.0 on  

These are the actions we are looking at right now to begin alpha testing the 

F12 Guides
* Installation Guide
* Security Guide
* Deployment Guide
* Virtualization Guide
* Release Notes

We will need someone from l10n to check that the translations come out  
cleanly. Additionally, we will need a dedicated person to do QE against the 
new bugs and to regression test against the old bugs. Also we need someone to 
work between l10n and QE to ensure that all the langs still build correctly.

A few other activities that need to performed:

* Brands need to be repackaged (cc-by-sa for fedora/rh)
* Need to start a lock on the test repos

Rough timeline is sometime in the next 2 weeks. Note that the publican  
software has been completely re-written from the ground up. Apparently it will 
not use a "make" system but will use proper commands and actions. This will 
provide more flexibility for the future and allow us to be cross platform.

More timelines and infotainment to come shortly.

- Mike

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