Help button in Fedora

Andrew Haley aph at
Wed Jul 8 13:20:11 UTC 2009

John J. McDonough wrote:
> Yelp is basically a document display application.  It has the great
> advantage of being very bright about localization.  We currently display
> the release notes and "About Fedora" in yelp.
> Unfortunately, yelp is a Gnome application, and the KDE crowd dislikes
> it. There is a KDE analog, but it seems to be abused rather than used. 
> There is so much junk in it that it is impossible to find anything, and
> what is there seems to be mostly useless. Much of what you describe in
> the Ubuntu help is in the Fedora User's Guide, which will probably be
> getting a higher profile now that it is up to date.

Yeah, but help needs to be there, right behind the Help button.  Of course
I don't care whether it's yelp or something else.


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