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Eric Christensen wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-07-09 at 12:08 -0400, Matthew Daniels wrote: Would
> striking a lot of specific, step-by-step tasks from the UG offend
> any previous content writers? Is this the direction to go? What
> kind of step-by-step tasks are you proposing? Eric

I would propose removing items which should be included in
documentation already shipped with software components. Examples of
some things I'd like to trim or rewrite are thing like the current OOo
section[1], or the description of KMyMoney[2]. These are things that
can either be found shipped with the programs or that are too common
sense to include in documentation (like explaining what your options
will be if you click on the "Edit" menu). These kind of small details
are also extremely version sensitive; these things could even change
between Fedora releases, meaning that the guide becomes inaccurate.

Examples of the type of "generalized" information I'd rather see kept
are things that orient the user in the way Fedora is organized.
Comparing the GNOME desktop to Microsoft Windows would fit here; also,
explaining things like how and why one mounts/unmounts volumes.
Troubleshooting common problems should also be included, as well at
meta-information. By meta-information, I mean things like Package
Installation instructions -- there is documentation for that, but so
much of the User Guide depends on that process that I feel it needs to
be included anyway.

- -- Matthew

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