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You're right, apart from getting the RPM Guide into git last night,
nothing has been done on it yet.  When I tried to make it last night,
I got some errors barfed at me that were apparently bad enough to
prevent the creation of a PDF.  I got an intro to DocBook/Publican
from jsmith yesterday, so I feel reasonably well-equipped to get it
figured out.


On 7/10/09, John J. McDonough <wb8rcr at arrl.net> wrote:
> At FUDcon, Florian Festi approached me about Docs updating the RPM Guide and
> the book, Maximum RPM, both of which have gotten a little stale.  The RPM
> Guide was already on our radar, and Ben Cotton has taken point on getting
> that ready to be worked on.
> Maximum RPM is currently hosted at rpm.org, and does not appear to have been
> built with the old doc tools.  There seem to be some specific dependencies
> on Fedora 8, so there will be a little work converting it to something more
> up to date.
> The other issue, though, is licensing.  This probably won't be difficult to
> deal with but it is something that needs to be addressed.  The current
> copyright holder is Red Hat.
> We will probably discuss this at an upcoming Docs Team meeting, but I did
> want to give everyone a heads-up that this is going on. We may also want to
> carry on some discussion on an rpm.org mailing list so that community is
> also aware of the effort.
> At this point not much has actually happened.  Ben has moved the RPM Guide
> to git, but I don't think anything else has happened there, I have looked at
> the Maximum RPM sources and verified Florian's assessment that this isn't a
> straightforward build, and quaid is aware of the licensing issues.
> The RPM Guide is at:
> git.fedoraproject.org/rpmguide.git
> Maximum RPM is at
> rpm.org/git/max-rpm.git
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