Need Feedback on HOWTO wiki created by /me.

kishan goyal fabhoneydew at
Fri Jul 10 17:09:58 UTC 2009

On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 10:27 PM, Ricky Zhou<ricky at> wrote:

> The difference between the type of documentation that Kishan made and
> our official docs is something that I've been thinking about lately.
> While there definitely is a place for a comprehensive install guide
> that covers every single installation case, perhaps it'd be nice to have
> a shorter, less intimidating version that goes through the defaults that
> most brand new users would go through.

Yes, a very good point brought up. A new user just wants *simple*
steps that would guide him through the installation process.
> As an example of what I mean, openSUSE has some friendly,
> screenshot-filled install guides that they link off of their download
> page:

Does something similar to this exist in Fedora? Having such small
guides would be very good for new users.

> one striking fact that I noticed is that even with those tall
> screenshots, both of those pages are not much larger than just the table
> of contents page of our install guide
> (
> Sure, those pages don't cover the install process even nearly as
> completely as our docs do, but from the perspective of a new user who
> just wants to go with the defaults and get to a working system, that
> style of documentation seems *really* nice.
> I'm very interested to hear what you guys think about that - would
> Zikula perhaps make it any easier or nicer to manage smaller documents
> like these?

Zikula... I need to get googling... for not having followed the
activites of the team of late.

Kishan Goyal.

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