Need Feedback on HOWTO wiki created by /me.

kishan goyal fabhoneydew at
Tue Jul 14 06:16:39 UTC 2009

On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 1:36 AM, David
Nalley<david.nalley at> wrote:
> Hi Kishan -
> Rudi and I have actually talked about needing to have a more concise -
> 'here is how you install fedora' document', akin to the one page
> release notes, and keep the 'install guide' as the complete reference
> addition. (esp now that it's almost 300 pages). We'd love to have help
> in working on this.

It would be my pleasure to help in whatever way I can.

> If you want to start moving stuff to the wiki that would be welcome.

Thank You. So, I suppose, I would create a page for this 'quick start'
on the Fedoraproject wiki and mail the link.

> I also enjoyed your 'how to setup Sahana' doc and would like to see
> that on the wiki as well.

Thanks a lot. Glad you liked it.
okay. That page wo

Kishan Goyal.

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