Need Feedback on HOWTO wiki created by /me.

kishan goyal fabhoneydew at
Tue Jul 14 06:26:05 UTC 2009

On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 4:10 AM, Ruediger Landmann<r.landmann at> wrote:

> Absolutely! We noted the need for this in the lead up to Fedora 11 but
> didn't have time to make it happen. We'll definitely have one for Fedora 12,
> and we'd love to have you on board, Kishan.

Thank you. :)

> The only "gotcha" I'll point out at this stage is that as far as is
> possible, the new guide should be built from chunks of XML that already
> exist in the Installation Guide (and perhaps the Live CD documentation).
> Sharing "code" between the full Installation Guide and the "Quick" guide has
> the following advantages:
> 1. The chunks taken from existing documentation will already be translated
> into a large number of languages (the IG is already partially translated
> into around 36 languages)
> 2. We will only have to maintain the same step in one place (for example, if
> we need to change something about keyboard selection in the IG, we can then
> just copy that changed paragraph into the Quick guide)
> 3. Any maintenace changes that we make (from step 2 above) will only need to
> be translated once, either in the "Full" guide or the "Quick" guide, and we
> can copy the translation from one book to the other and it will still work.

Yes, that would be very advantageous.
> I'll pull something like this together in the next couple of days -- that
> will allow anyone who's interested in helping to identify and work on any
> extra text that we need to link everything together.
Thank you for doing that. That would be of much help. :)

> What should we call this book? I'm thinking one of the following
> permutations --
> * Fedora 12 Quick Installation Guide
> * Fedora 12 Installation Quick Start Guide
> * Fedora 12 Quick Start Installation Guide
> Any preferences?
all the above names are fine.

how would "Quick Start Fedora 12" be?

Kishan Goyal.

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