how can I help?

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> Hi everyone,
> how can I contribute?
> where do I start?

Welcome Niko

Well, there are a number of startup things you need to take care of, they 
are outlined at:

Basically, you need to sign up to this list (apparently, you already are), 
post a "self-introduction" to the list letting us know who you are and what 
you are comfortable with.  You will need to apply for membership in the Docs 
group of the Fedora Account System, which means you need to join the Fedora 
Account System, aggree to the CLA, then apply for membership in the Docs 
group.  Someone, probably Sparks or myself, will read your self-introduction 
and sponsor you for membership in the Docs group.

You will also want a bugzilla account - if you already have one no need for 
another.  As you get involved in projects you will want membership in a 
number of other groups, but the FAS Docs group is the key to all that.

We are beginning the Fedora 12 cycle, so it is a good time to sign on. 
Members hang out on the freenode IRC channel #Fedora-Docs, and a lot of 
organization gets done there.  We also have a meeting on #Fedora-Meeting at 
0001Z Thursday morning (That is Wednesday evening U.S. time).  You don't 
need to have gotten all the paperwork dealt with to join the IRC channels, 
so stop by and introduce yourself.

Welcome aboard


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