how can I help?

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2009/7/14 John J. McDonough <wb8rcr at>:
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>> Hi everyone,
>> how can I contribute?
>> where do I start?
> Welcome Niko
> Well, there are a number of startup things you need to take care of, they
> are outlined at:
> Basically, you need to sign up to this list (apparently, you already are),
> post a "self-introduction" to the list letting us know who you are and what
> you are comfortable with.  You will need to apply for membership in the Docs
> group of the Fedora Account System, which means you need to join the Fedora
> Account System, aggree to the CLA, then apply for membership in the Docs
> group.  Someone, probably Sparks or myself, will read your self-introduction
> and sponsor you for membership in the Docs group.
> You will also want a bugzilla account - if you already have one no need for
> another.  As you get involved in projects you will want membership in a
> number of other groups, but the FAS Docs group is the key to all that.
> We are beginning the Fedora 12 cycle, so it is a good time to sign on.
> Members hang out on the freenode IRC channel #Fedora-Docs, and a lot of
> organization gets done there.  We also have a meeting on #Fedora-Meeting at
> 0001Z Thursday morning (That is Wednesday evening U.S. time).  You don't
> need to have gotten all the paperwork dealt with to join the IRC channels,
> so stop by and introduce yourself.
> Welcome aboard
> --McD
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Hi everyone,

Well, the company where I work we use the mediawiki to documenting
procedures, I have some experience in editing or creating articles,
but I would document projects. It could also translate documents from
English to Portuguese-Brazilian.
The accounts are created (bugzilla and FAS), my public ssh key is okay.


best regards,

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