Looking for pointers wrt metrics for LISA QA 3.1

sandeep shedmake sandeep.shedmake at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 12:51:56 UTC 2009


I wondered unlike Quality Assurance/QA metrics which exists for Software
Development projects, are there any QA metrics defined for Localization QA ?

Thereby, I came across two such specifications namely --- SAE J2450 and LISA
QA 3.1. Metrics for SAE J2450 model is available at
http://www.apex-translations.com/documents/sae_j2450.pdf, but I couldn't
locate any such document for LISA QA 3.1 model.

Any pointers/point-of-contact wrt "metrics for LISA QA 3.1
model/specifications" would be helpful.

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