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Paul W. Frields stickster at
Mon Jul 27 12:41:05 UTC 2009

On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 08:32:32AM -0400, John J. McDonough wrote:
> As I dug into John Poelstra's schedule in more detail, I noticed a few  
> issues that I hadn't noticed in earlier reviews.  Specifically, very long  
> times on some short tasks with short times on some more difficult tasks, 
> and tasks out of order.
> Since I don't have a really good feel for the guides, I put together what 
> I thought was a more workable schedule for release notes only.  Eric was 
> going to look at guides.  My strawman is at:
> I fixed major milestones to the same dates that John had so hopefully we  
> don't affect other teams.  However, I did put a couple of L10N tasks on 
> the list since they are tied closely to us.  I have not, however, had any  
> discussion with L10N as to whether these times make any sense at all to  
> them.
> John suggested we get together in a Gobby/Talk meeting to get this 
> schedule into sync with his.  I think we need to get the guides schedule 
> integrated with this and include a representative from L10N in that 
> meeting.
> Because of the new definition of alpha and beta, our schedule looks a lot  
> different than earlier releases.  Specifically, since alpha should be  
> "feature complete", we should have almost everything we need for release  
> notes by alpha.  That means the bulk of our work is between alpha and 
> beta. However, since Beta should include more or less complete release 
> notes, L10N will need time to translate them.  That pushes Docs work 
> forward some, meaning we will have a real scramble right around alpha, and 
> L10N will have a pile of work just before beta.  The upside is that the 
> work before GA should be a little less onerous, and there should be little 
> left to translate.
> If we can make our plan of a table for all changes and prose only for  
> significant effort required to convert plus highlighting high-profile  
> features, there should be a lot less prose to write (and translate) than  
> previous releases.  We will, however, need some pretty aggressive wiki  
> gardening to allow us to convert to XML quickly.
> I would like everyone to take a really close look at this, and comment on 
> it on this list.  I think I have the major tasks identified, but it is 
> always good to have more input.

Hi John,

Can you explain what the "Review f-r-n.html" tasks are for?  I noticed
that these take several days to a week and that L10n doesn't get the
content until after that happens.  Is this something that could be
combined with the XML conversion so that L10n could have a longer time
available to translate content?

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