Almost-finalized: Marketing F12 schedule

Mel Chua mel at
Tue Jul 28 04:46:58 UTC 2009

I've updated the F12 schedule according to the meeting 
that Paul, John, and myself had today.

We've got some dates and such to coordinate with various teams (cc'd 
here) before Monday in order to make sure our calendars sync up. One of 
the things we'll be talking about at the Marketing meeting tomorrow 
( is how to make sure 
that each Marketing + OtherTeam coordination happens this week - some of 
these connections already have delegates, others have people who 
probably should be, others are wide open.

The notes below are very, *very* much drafts, and only starting points! 
It's also entirely possible that I've put *too* much in the notes below 
(that figuring out something shouldn't be Marketing's job, or its 
focus). Patches welcome.



Design: We should make sure we get you a release slogan in time, and 
give fast enough feedback/final-slogan turnaround based on your designs 
that you can make release buttons/banners with time to spare. Also need 
to see what sort of work we need to coordinate in order to make spiffy 
Ambassadors kits.

Docs: We should commit to those 1-page shiny release notes you wanted, 
and find other good points during the cycle to check in with each other. 
We also need to talk (possibly with News) on who'd like to do what 
portions of talking points and in-depth feature profiles. (How can we 
market our documentation as awesome, too?)

Ambassadors: We need to schedule a briefing for you folks to happen once 
the talking points are ready - but most importantly, we need to learn 
how we can listen to you better so that we can make the things you 
actually want and *need* to spread the word on the ground. What can we do?

Websites: We should talk - potentially with Design - about how we're 
going to coordinate various webpage redesigns and revisions, and how our 
respective roles complement each other.

News: We also need to talk (possibly with Docs) on who'd like to do what 
portions of talking points and in-depth feature profiles. We should also 
figure out what's going on with News and Marketing and Fedora Insight, 
so we can schedule in coordination times with other teams if needed.

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