Almost-finalized: Marketing F12 schedule

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Tue Jul 28 05:09:47 UTC 2009

Mel Chua さんは書きました:
> I've updated the F12 schedule according to the meeting 
> ( 
> that Paul, John, and myself had today.
> We've got some dates and such to coordinate with various teams (cc'd 
> here) before Monday in order to make sure our calendars sync up. One 
> of the things we'll be talking about at the Marketing meeting tomorrow 
> ( is how to make 
> sure that each Marketing + OtherTeam coordination happens this week - 
> some of these connections already have delegates, others have people 
> who probably should be, others are wide open.
> The notes below are very, *very* much drafts, and only starting 
> points! It's also entirely possible that I've put *too* much in the 
> notes below (that figuring out something shouldn't be Marketing's job, 
> or its focus). Patches welcome.
> --Mel
> ----
> Design: We should make sure we get you a release slogan in time, and 
> give fast enough feedback/final-slogan turnaround based on your 
> designs that you can make release buttons/banners with time to spare. 
> Also need to see what sort of work we need to coordinate in order to 
> make spiffy Ambassadors kits.
> Docs: We should commit to those 1-page shiny release notes you wanted, 
> and find other good points during the cycle to check in with each 
> other. We also need to talk (possibly with News) on who'd like to do 
> what portions of talking points and in-depth feature profiles. (How 
> can we market our documentation as awesome, too?)
> Ambassadors: We need to schedule a briefing for you folks to happen 
> once the talking points are ready - but most importantly, we need to 
> learn how we can listen to you better so that we can make the things 
> you actually want and *need* to spread the word on the ground. What 
> can we do?
> Websites: We should talk - potentially with Design - about how we're 
> going to coordinate various webpage redesigns and revisions, and how 
> our respective roles complement each other.
> News: We also need to talk (possibly with Docs) on who'd like to do 
> what portions of talking points and in-depth feature profiles. We 
> should also figure out what's going on with News and Marketing and 
> Fedora Insight, so we can schedule in coordination times with other 
> teams if needed.
It might be stupid question, sorry, what is this for?
Where is 'Localization'?

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