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Wed Jul 29 02:25:13 UTC 2009

John J. McDonough さんは書きました:
> Noriko
> Thank you so much for your careful review
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>> * 4.7 Translate f-r-n for beta Sep 6 to Sep 26 21d
>> This seems not consistent with f-12-trans-tasks, which says Sep 9 to 
>> Sep 18.
> While I stuck with John's dates for the releases, I tried to maximize 
> the time L10N had available. I wonder whether 9 days is sufficient. I 
> would expect this cycle that the beta would be the bulk of the release 
> notes (although I suppose that remains to be seen).
You are so sweet! It is glad to know that it's not typo but it will be 
happening with 21d than 9d.
Thank you!

>> * 4.8 Build f-r-n.rpm for beta Sep 29
>> A question, there is 2 days blank between 4.7 and 4.8. What is this for?
> No good reason
>> * 6.7 Translate f-r-n for GA Oct 20 to Oct 26 7d
>> This seems not consistent with f-12-trans-tasks, which says Oct 9 to 
>> Oct 16.
> The later we can do this the better. Release notes seem to be the last 
> thing on people's radar, and we tend to discover important changes 
> late, so the later we can make the POTs the better. Also, the original 
> schedule had some Docs tasks out of order.

>> * Review translation not scheduled
>> Please set up 'Review translation'. Since we translate PO file, so it 
>> is extremely helpful if docs team can build html for review before 
>> the deadline.
> That is a really excellent catch. I think we need to work on the 
> mechanics of this, but it could have a number of advantages.
>> * 7.4 Translate 0-day
>> I understand that docs team has little window for Zero Day Update. 
>> But let me become devil this time as experiment. Is any chance that 
>> rel-note team can place this entry before GA Public Availability 
>> 3-Nov for inclusion? Just tiny window is fine. I can not guarantee at 
>> all how many translators can respond.
> My expectation was that on release day the 0-day changes would be 
> available in English only, with an update rpm to follow the release. 
> However, we are still discussing whether it makes sense to have a 
> single rpm with six documents in 41 languages, so that may change. It 
> might make more sense to delay the availability of the update rpm 
> rather than try to push the POT creation earlier, thus missing late 
> breaking changes. On the other end, we are going to try to be more 
> proactive in hounding the developers for release notes input, so maybe 
> we can reduce the number of those late changes.
Understood the situation. Let's see how it goes.

Thank you again.

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