Docs Meeting 2009-07-30 IRC log

Eric Christensen eric at
Thu Jul 30 00:58:44 UTC 2009

00:01:59 <Sparks> #startmeeting Docs Project Meeting - Agenda:
00:02:02 * ianweller 
00:02:09 * rudi is here
00:02:10 <Sparks> #topic Roll Call
00:02:12 * Sparks 
00:02:18 * jjmcd is here
00:02:24 * rudi jumped the gun earlier but is here
00:02:55 * ianweller doesn't care that he jumped the gun :)
00:03:03 * stickster 1/2 here
00:03:03 * radsy is here
00:03:07 <Sparks> ianweller: As long as you're here
00:03:19 <Sparks> stickster: which half?
00:03:45 <stickster> I don't know, it's via gerrymandering
00:05:37 <Sparks> Okay, let's get started.
00:05:43 <Sparks> #topic Last week's action items
00:05:54 <Sparks> Sparks to follow up with the News people about Zikula
00:06:20 <Sparks> Okay, so I sent an email out to the News folks but I didn't really get a response back.  I'll see if I can catch someone over there.
00:06:29 <Sparks> stickster: Is Max the lead there?
00:06:50 <stickster> Sparks: Pascal Calarco is the person who agreed to help, I believe
00:07:56 <Sparks> #ACTION Sparks to follow up with Pascal Calarco from News to make sure we are including all packages necessary for Zikula for them.
00:08:10 <Sparks> Sparks to write rollout plan for license change
00:08:23 <Sparks> Hmmm... Yeah, didn't get to this one.
00:08:36 <stickster> That's something we could use, fer sher
00:08:49 <Sparks> #action Sparks to write rollout plan for license change... 2nd alarm
00:08:54 * stickster will try to write a blog entry in the next day or two to try and drum up some PHP/JS help
00:09:02 <Sparks> ianweller to write press release
00:09:13 <Sparks> ianweller: I'm guessing you're waiting for my plan, right?
00:09:18 <ianweller> yeah a little bit.
00:09:21 <Sparks> Okay
00:09:28 <Sparks> rudi to help sparks on changing the fedora-brand in Publican for CC license
00:09:40 <Sparks> rudi: You going to be busy on Monday?
00:09:52 <rudi> Sparks - I'll be available :)
00:10:08 <Sparks> rudi: Okay, I'll get with you after the meeting and setup some time with you.  Thanks.
00:10:14 <Sparks> #action rudi to help sparks on changing the fedora-brand in Publican for CC license
00:10:14 <rudi> NP
00:10:41 <Sparks> Sparks to create BZ component for Installation Quick Start Guide
00:10:43 <Sparks> done
00:10:51 <Sparks> Sparks to create a BZ component for Virtualization Guide
00:10:51 <Sparks> done
00:11:00 <Sparks> Sparks to send out reminder about the RN meeting
00:11:01 <Sparks> done
00:11:15 <Sparks> jjmcd: Do we need to meet again this week?  I don't think we got throught everything last week
00:11:25 <jjmcd> I think we do
00:11:32 <Sparks> Same bat time?
00:11:34 <jjmcd> we hit one of I think 4 major topics
00:11:44 <jjmcd> I kept it on my calendar just in case
00:11:57 <Sparks> When is it?  Tomorrow at ???
00:12:16 * rudi stocked up on Coke and Doritos :)
00:12:22 <jjmcd> 11E
00:12:35 <Sparks> So 1500 UTC
00:12:35 <jjmcd> so 1500Z maybe
00:12:38 <Sparks> Okay.
00:13:00 <Sparks> Anyone have anything else from last week?
00:13:30 <Sparks> #topic Status on CMS (Zikula) <-- ke4qqq
00:13:42 <Sparks> #link
00:13:56 <Sparks> Okay, I don't think ke4qqq is here tonight...
00:14:02 <Sparks> so I'll just give a quick update.
00:14:29 <Sparks> The webpage listed above is a status page of all the Zikula modules that need to be packaged...
00:14:37 <Sparks> and what their hangups are.
00:14:47 * stickster may need to update his
00:14:58 <Sparks> We still have quite a few that are broken due to licensing issues.
00:15:31 * stickster just updated his entries on that list
00:16:04 <Sparks> I've been pushing my packages to F-10, F-11, F-12, and EL-5.  F-10 is optional, I guess, but everyone that is packaging needs to push to EL-5 as well.
00:16:15 <stickster> Yup, took care of mine yesterday and today
00:16:25 <Sparks> stickster: Is there anything else>?
00:16:42 <stickster> One thing we're going to need to make a call on soon is changing "upstream to resolve" to "$FEDORA_PERSON to resolve"
00:17:11 <stickster> Blocking on licensing is bad, and I think upstream's going to need our help here, something more than asking them to do it
00:17:33 <Sparks> I agree.
00:18:33 <Sparks> I'm going to just go through the three GPL-licensed editors and package them all.  That way we have choices
00:18:59 <stickster> Makes sense to me
00:19:10 * stickster knows tinymce by name
00:19:24 <stickster> OK, moving on
00:19:39 <stickster> #action?
00:19:50 <Sparks> stickster: Do you have time to go through the three packages that are license blocked and explain what exactly is blocking (icons, etc)?
00:20:09 <Sparks> #action Sparks to package the three GPL editors for Zikula
00:20:14 <stickster> I think they're all explained in their respective bugs
00:20:17 <stickster> but...
00:20:37 <stickster> I know off the top of my head that Mediashare is blocked on LIghtboxXL
00:20:43 <stickster> Which is a CC 2.5 licensed JS
00:21:06 <stickster> And that same JS appears in at least one other module, I think it's Mediaattach
00:21:35 <Sparks> Content
00:21:56 <Sparks> MediaAttach says "multiple licensing issues".
00:22:08 <stickster> Sorry, Content -- right.
00:22:18 <Sparks> What does it mean for our Zikula rollout without these packages?
00:22:25 <stickster> For Mediaattach:
00:22:26 <buggbot> Bug 505938: medium, low, ---, fedora-docs-list, NEW, Need to package MediaAttach.
00:22:35 <stickster> Umm, thanks for nuttin' buggbot
00:23:13 <stickster> Sparks: Well, we can't submit files or other content that's not a written story, withot those modules, if I understand them correctly
00:23:22 <stickster> i.e attaching RPMs wouldn't be possible
00:23:35 <stickster> We also wouldn't be able to put up podcasts for Marketing/News
00:23:47 <Sparks> :(
00:24:13 <stickster> Ah, menutree is the other one that has problems, although they look less horrible
00:24:21 <Sparks> stickster: So what do you propose?  action?
00:24:22 <stickster> So... important to get this done.
00:24:56 <stickster> I think that several Docs folks who have some PHP/JS knowledge, or can gain it quickly, should agree to get together at a specific date to fix the problems
00:25:09 <stickster> i.e. Take a Saturday or Sunday and plow through it over IRC
00:25:33 <Sparks> Any takers for assisting?
00:25:35 <stickster> I'm going to do a blog post to see if we can get one or more PHP/JS persons to come by and help from the general community.
00:26:48 * stickster reminds everyone that they could help by blogging too
00:26:51 <Sparks> #action Stickster to blog to see if we can get some PHP/JS folks to help with out with some Zikula modules.
00:27:14 <stickster> When the going gets hard...
00:27:36 <Sparks> okay, anything else for Zikula?
00:28:28 <Sparks> #topic Status on CC license rollout.  <-- ianweller
00:28:34 <Sparks> ianweller: Umm... waiting on me, right?
00:28:41 <ianweller> afaik
00:28:51 <Sparks> #topic Shared open-source style guide <--ke4qqq
00:29:02 <Sparks> #link
00:29:16 <Sparks> ke4qqq is going to quite busy these next few weeks/months.
00:29:24 <Sparks> Does anyone want to take on this project?
00:29:43 <Sparks> It should be a fun project and I'm sure ke4qqq will want to continue to help out.
00:29:53 <rudi> I'm happy to take it on
00:29:58 <stickster> I thought that laubersm and someone else had indicated interest as well
00:30:19 <rudi> But it will probably be another week or two before I can do anything meaningful with it
00:30:20 * jjmcd anticipates being well entertained the next few months
00:30:51 <Sparks> stickster: Maybe, I don't remember.
00:31:23 * stickster thinks to himself, man, a list conversation would have helped us capture that, probalby.
00:31:25 <stickster> *probably, even.
00:31:30 <Sparks> Well, this doesn't have to be a one or two person project
00:31:39 <stickster> Not at all
00:31:50 <stickster> I met some of the folks working on this when I was at Open Source Bridge -- they are good folks.
00:32:00 <Sparks> #action Sparks to put a note on the list about Shared Open-Source Style Guide
00:32:16 <rudi> I know that my slackness in getting some of RH's internal material opened up has blocked this a little
00:33:20 <Sparks> Well, I don't know that the project has a good grasp on what needs to happen, etc.
00:33:28 <Sparks> I think they were going to setup a meeting somewhere.
00:34:28 <Sparks> Okay, I'll try to get a better footing on this topic before next week.
00:34:45 <Sparks> #topic Outstanding BZ Tickets
00:34:56 <Sparks> #link
00:35:22 <Sparks> We are down to 10 NEW bugs.  I think we knocked out a few of them last week after the meeting.
00:35:35 <Sparks> Let's see if we can get the rest at least assigned tonight.
00:35:44 <Sparks> Any volunteers to go through them?
00:37:11 * Sparks hears crickets
00:37:27 <jjmcd> Didn't we already have one like 507999
00:37:48 <jjmcd> In any case, that one is obviously mine
00:38:18 <rudi> jjmcd -- yeah, I was sure that we did
00:38:27 <rudi> But I couldn't find it either :)
00:39:09 <jjmcd> and 514153 is simple needing release
00:39:36 <Sparks> .bug 184234
00:39:38 <buggbot> Bug medium, medium, ---, kwade, NEW, A way to check the CVE/CAN status of a currently installed package.
00:39:39 <buggbot> Bug 184234: medium, medium, ---, kwade, NEW, A way to check the CVE/CAN status of a currently installed package.
00:39:45 <Sparks> Ummn.. yeah
00:40:05 <Sparks> So this is an OLD bug but one that is EXTREMELY important to US government/military users
00:40:48 <stickster> Sparks: <-- blog post as ordered
00:40:50 <Sparks> Where can we put this?
00:41:17 <Sparks> stickster: Awesome!  Now that's efficiency
00:41:34 <Sparks> Wasn't someone working on an enterprise-like guide?
00:41:54 <rudi> That's the Fedora Deployment Guide
00:42:01 <Sparks> Hmmm...
00:42:09 <rudi> perspectival has that one
00:42:11 <Sparks> This needs to go into a "user" guide but...
00:42:28 <Sparks> not the "I'm a noob" guide
00:42:51 <perspectival> Sparks: I believe I need a BZ component for the Deployment Guide
00:43:01 <perspectival> sorry to trouble you for more components ;-)
00:43:34 <Sparks> #action Sparks to create BZ component Deployment Guide
00:43:39 <Sparks> perspectival: No problem.
00:43:44 <perspectival> thanks
00:44:01 <Sparks> Okay... How about I accept this one and write it in the wiki somewhere?
00:45:10 <Sparks> #action Sparks to write up CVE checking/validation proceedures in the wiki
00:46:04 <Sparks> I do it enough at work... :)
00:46:14 <Sparks> Okay, moving on...
00:46:30 <Sparks> #topic Guide needs?
00:46:39 <Sparks> Anyone have a Guide that they need assistance with?
00:47:21 <Sparks> #topic New Guides
00:47:31 <Sparks> Okay, anyone have a new guide they'd like to share with us?
00:47:38 <Sparks> or a new guide idea?
00:47:59 <rudi> Just saying that the IQSG is now in localisation and I should have a copy up on docs.fp.o very shortly
00:48:08 <Sparks> IQSG?
00:48:11 <Sparks> Oh
00:48:17 <Sparks> Installation Quick Start Guide
00:48:18 <rudi> Installation Quick Start Guide
00:48:23 <Sparks> jinx!
00:48:29 <Sparks> That's awesome.
00:48:36 <Sparks> anyone else?
00:48:48 <Sparks> #topic All other business
00:48:53 <Sparks> Okay, does anyone have anything?
00:49:46 * Sparks thinks we might get out on-time/early tonight
00:50:14 <rudi> quiet week at the docs project :)
00:50:16 <perspectival> I would like to mention one thing
00:50:40 <perspectival> I'll add a short update here too on what I'm working on
00:50:42 <perspectival> Currently I'm working on gathering an exhaustive list of all F11 new features that could or should be included in the Deployment Guide (done), ensure that these features should actually be listed in the DG (in progress), and then I'll determine where to add them (TOC, etc.), and: post this info to the deployment-guide-list; create placeholders in the DG for major new features (there's already a placeholder chapter for ABRT)
00:51:01 <perspectival> I'm also working on closing a number of bugs filed against the Deployment Guide
00:51:07 <perspectival> The Deployment Guide has the following major sections ("parts" in DocBook terminology):
00:51:14 <perspectival> I. Package Management: yum, rpm, etc.
00:51:14 <perspectival> II. Network-Related Configuration: interfaces, runlevels, services, BIND, apache, openssh, samba, dhcp, ftp, ldap
00:51:14 <perspectival> III. System Configuration: console access, sysconfig dir, date, time, keyboard, X, users, groups, printers, at, batch, cron and log files
00:51:14 <perspectival> IV. System Monitoring: oprofile, ABRT
00:51:15 <perspectival> V. Kernel and Driver Configuration: upgrading, modules, etc.
00:51:33 <perspectival> ** Note that (in contrast to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Deployment Guide) information on file systems (setting them up, partitioning, lvm, luks, etc.) will not be in the scope of the Deployment Guide for Fedora
00:52:25 <Sparks> No?
00:52:30 <Sparks> Why not?
00:52:34 <perspectival> unfortunately not
00:52:47 * Sparks notes luks is covered fairly well in the Security Guide
00:53:12 <perspectival> it's out-of-scope for the guide that I'm writing
00:53:16 <Sparks> Okay
00:53:28 <Sparks> Well, that's cool
00:53:31 <perspectival> yeah
00:53:42 <Sparks> Anyone have any questions?
00:54:03 <perspectival> the Fedora DG will be huge even without the part on File Systems, etc.
00:54:12 <perspectival> that's all for me unless there are questions...
00:54:40 * rudi notes that its RHEL cousin is nearly 1000 pages long :)
00:54:52 <Sparks> Good reading there
00:55:49 <Sparks> Okay, anyone else?
00:56:56 <Sparks> 5
00:56:57 <Sparks> 4
00:56:59 <Sparks> 3
00:57:06 <Sparks> Speak now or...
00:57:07 <Sparks> 2
00:57:15 <Sparks> forever hold your peace
00:57:17 <Sparks> 1
00:57:20 * perspectival is holding
00:57:22 <Sparks> #endmeeting

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