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Re: Help button in Fedora

Yelp is basically a document display application. It has the great advantage of being very bright about localization. We currently display the release notes and "About Fedora" in yelp.

Unfortunately, yelp is a Gnome application, and the KDE crowd dislikes it. There is a KDE analog, but it seems to be abused rather than used. There is so much junk in it that it is impossible to find anything, and what is there seems to be mostly useless. Much of what you describe in the Ubuntu help is in the Fedora User's Guide, which will probably be getting a higher profile now that it is up to date.

Personally, I like yelp and would like to see it used more effectively. But for the practical reason of trying to be desktop neutral, I would expect our use of yelp to decline rather than increase.


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In Ubuntu there's a "Help" button on the top menu bar that leads to a
nice help application, yelp.  We have that app too, but it doesn't
seem to have the same contents, which are:

New to Ubuntu?
Adding and Removing Software
Files, Folders and Documents
Customising Your Desktop
Music, Videos and Photos
Assistive Tools
Keeping Your Computer Safe
Printing, Faxing and Scanning
Advanced Topics

And under each section there's a clear explanation of what to do.
Maybe we have something equivalent for Fedora, but I can't find it.


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