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Re: Need Feedback on HOWTO wiki created by /me.

On 07/13/2009 06:06 AM, David Nalley wrote:
Rudi and I have actually talked about needing to have a more concise -
'here is how you install fedora' document', akin to the one page
release notes, and keep the 'install guide' as the complete reference
addition. (esp now that it's almost 300 pages). We'd love to have help
in working on this.

Absolutely! We noted the need for this in the lead up to Fedora 11 but didn't have time to make it happen. We'll definitely have one for Fedora 12, and we'd love to have you on board, Kishan.

The only "gotcha" I'll point out at this stage is that as far as is possible, the new guide should be built from chunks of XML that already exist in the Installation Guide (and perhaps the Live CD documentation). Sharing "code" between the full Installation Guide and the "Quick" guide has the following advantages:

1. The chunks taken from existing documentation will already be translated into a large number of languages (the IG is already partially translated into around 36 languages) 2. We will only have to maintain the same step in one place (for example, if we need to change something about keyboard selection in the IG, we can then just copy that changed paragraph into the Quick guide) 3. Any maintenace changes that we make (from step 2 above) will only need to be translated once, either in the "Full" guide or the "Quick" guide, and we can copy the translation from one book to the other and it will still work.

I'll pull something like this together in the next couple of days -- that will allow anyone who's interested in helping to identify and work on any extra text that we need to link everything together.

What should we call this book? I'm thinking one of the following permutations --

* Fedora 12 Quick Installation Guide
* Fedora 12 Installation Quick Start Guide
* Fedora 12 Quick Start Installation Guide

Any preferences?


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