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Fedora Desktop Guide Update

At last week's FDSCo meeting, I blabbered along for a few minutes concerning where I wanted to go with the User Guide (and, subsequently, that I thought we should rename it).

I've put together a mock table of contents and a few sample paragraphs of the sort of style I envisioned in the rewritten guide.  I'd appreciate any comments on other ways to address the audience, better topics to choose, or anything else that you feel would make it better.

Please note that it's neither properly formatted nor spell/grammar-checked nor comprehensive in scope.  I'm just looking for ideas before we get too far instead of after we've done half the guide.


Also, because of the way this has been restyled, I think it could be easier for people to contribute; instead of delving into the full document and pulling out a scalpel to existing, messy content, people could just send me a paragraph or two on a particular question they care about or think is relevant.

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