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Re: Removing inactive members from the Docs FAS Group

On Fri, 2009-07-24 at 13:59 -0700, Karsten Wade wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 02:22:50PM -0400, Eric Christensen wrote:
> > The following members of the Docs FAS Group are showing as inactive in
> > FAS.  Is there any reason to NOT remove these users from the Docs group?
> Would this inactivity cause them to be unable to edit the wiki?  I
> presume so, but at least one name on the list (sfolkwil) I thought had
> contributed to one or both of the last sets of release notes (F9, F10).
> IMO, as long as people are able to come back at will (probably by
> re-introducing themselves, etc.), then it's really no worry, keep
> things clean, etc.

They can come back at any time.  No one on the list is anyone that has
been active in the Docs Project in some time (that I'm aware of).

I think that when the account goes inactive then their password is
expired and they wouldn't be able to edit the wiki or access anything
else that is FAS related until they do a password reset.


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