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Re: Project Start: New Updated Deployment Guide for the Upcoming Fedora 12!

cornel panceac wrote:

2009/7/27 cornel panceac <cpanceac gmail com <mailto:cpanceac gmail com>>

    2009/7/27 Douglas Silas Hensley <dhensley redhat com
    <mailto:dhensley redhat com>>

        Greetings Fedora users and system administrators,

        I meant to announce this last week on fedora-docs-list, but
        the CC slipped my mind. Here's copy of the announcement I sent
        to deployment-guide-list redhat com
        <mailto:deployment-guide-list redhat com>. See the Deployment
        Guide wiki:


        ...for details on joining this list. All are welcome.

        I'm proud to announce that I'll be heading a new project to
        update a new guide, the Fedora Deployment Guide, for the
        upcoming Fedora 12 release! The Fedora Deployment Guide covers
        system administration tasks such as package maintenance, user
        administration, printing, and setting up networks, printers,
        and services such as Apache, LDAP, OpenSSH, Samba, etc.

        You can see what's in it and the most current state of the
        upcoming Fedora 12 Deployment Guide here:


        The target for completion of this project is before Nov. 1,
        ahead of the GA target date for Fedora 12, which is currently
        Nov. 3.

        The project page for the Deployment Guide, which also tells
        you where to obtain the source files (which are in DocBook
        XML), is here:


        We will definitely be accepting contributors; please contact
        me if you are able to help out. There is a Deployment Guide
        mailing list. To gain access to it, please send an email to
        the project maintainers (of whom I am one) with a brief


        The Fedora Deployment Guide is written in DocBook XML and is
        published using the open source Publican build tool:


        More details will follow next week (such as additions to the TOC).

        I hope to hear suggestions and opinions from you!

-- Douglas Silas
        Technical Writer | Red Hat, Inc.
        Purkyn(ova 99 | Brno, Czech Republic
        Office Direct Dial—62116
        Brno Office—(+420) 532 294 111 ext. 10718
        dhensley redhat com <mailto:dhensley redhat com>

-- fedora-docs-list mailing list
        fedora-docs-list redhat com <mailto:fedora-docs-list redhat com>
        To unsubscribe:

    can rhn manage fedora systems?

the screenshots are from rhel, not fedora.
and there's no up2date in fedora 12, afaict.

Bug fixes welcome. This is the idea behind developing documentation, it isn't perfect originally so it needs some work. You are more than welcome to help fix these issues.


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