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Re: Need Feedback on HOWTO wiki created by /me.

On 07/31/2009 01:42 AM, Ricky Zhou wrote:
On 2009-07-10 01:13:18 PM, Eric Christensen wrote:
A quick start guide...  Hmmm...
Sorry if this is dumb of me, but I didn't notice
until just this moment.
That's OK -- it's only been live for a few hours :)
I think that's a massive improvement (in terms
of friendliness to newbies) over what we currently present to new users
from our get-fedora page.  If we could put as much concentration on
getting this translated as we do for the regular install guide, I think
it'd be great to make this the main documentation link on the download

Not a bad idea, but links are cheap, so perhaps we could link to both?

Localisation of this guide is well underway; partially because it's mostly built of strings taken from the "full" Installation Guide (and the "Live Images" doc)

Thanks for the positive feedback!


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