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Re: Czech translation of Fedora 11 Release Notes

On 07/31/2009 03:50 AM, Josef Hruška wrote:
I am sorry to disturb all from the discussion on  Fedora 12 Release
Notes schedule but the Czech translation of F11 Release Notes is now on
90% and I  have two three questions.
Would it be possible to publish the Release Notes as a web page(s) on
Fedora Project? At lease for "pre-view" purposes, to work on
finalisation of the translation before official publication?

Hi Josef -- and many, many thanks for your hard work on getting the Release Notes translated!

I've just rebuilt the Czech version and pushed it to the docs.fedoraproject.org repo; it will become visible the next time that the webserver synchronises with the repo (sometime in the next few hours).

I also corrected a small number of little XML errors that prevented the book from building properly. You can see them here:

I notice that you still have the cs.po file checked out through Transifex; if you check this back in, you'll over-write those changes, so you should either download a fresh copy of cs.po, or if you have made changes in your local copy that you haven't checked in yet, please fix those same errors in your local copy before uploading :)

How can I help or what I should do to happen this (publication on the FP
web site)?

Getting from the po file submitted in Transifex to pages on the web site is a long, complicated, and frustrating process that involves wrestling with a couple of incompatible tools ;)

You can get a feel for the first stages of the process here:

https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-trans-list/2009-May/msg00150.html -- with a correction here: https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-trans-list/2009-May/msg00169.html

I seriously suggest that it's not worth learning this process unless you have a lot of time and need more pain in your life -- both the incompatible tools (Transifex and Publican) are about to have major upgrades soon that will make almost all of this irrelevant...


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